Struggle with creating content, giving training, or making speeches

My story: “Creative” Child

Since my childhood, I have always tried to create content. I made movies with teddy bears. I wrote encyclopedias that were just copying interesting paragraphs from children's encyclopedias. I wrote Star Wars-inspired shored stories that I have never finished. I did not care I wasn’t original.

I was trying to give something, even if I copied the sentences from children's books, it was me who selected what is going to be copied. As humans we communicate, we share stories, we create stories (which we sometimes happen to believe). We are giving ourselves to the world.

I was not afraid to…

Future of work

Explore the four most crucial skills and start your learning path

I am on this journey for a couple of years. Although my background is auditing and accounting, I always wonder why some things are done in the old, slow, and sometimes papers-based way. So I try to learn more about the digital tools we can use.

When using a new tool, I asked myself: How it can help me to be more effective and have more fun at work?

My passion is also to train others. Some questions people asked repeated themselves quite often.

  • But Tom, where do I start?
  • Should I learn to code or focus on excel?
  • Are…

Future of work

Focus on understanding yourself, other people, and the world around you

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You need to upskill, learn to code, learn machine learning, learn how to sell yourself. But where to start? After speaking with people and their aspirations, I have gathered together four areas, each contains one super easy practical tip, which you can implement right after you finish reading this article.

1. Your well-being

Get your fundamentals right in the first place. Are you drinking too much alcohol? Thinking poorly about yourself? Not getting enough sleep? Are you in a dysfunctional relationship?

Do you remember the self-help books from the past decades? Those books were all about motivation, being more effective, being a better…

Data visuals

COVID-19 Deaths in Perspective

When the pandemic started in Europe and more than 100 people died in Italy in a day, that was a turning point for me. Until that time I was not sure whether it is something we should be worried about.

Now the same number has been reached in the Czech Republic, and it is still rising. So I have put together some charts to give you the perspective.

How many people die in the Czech Republic

On an average daily number of deaths from 2009 to 2018 was 298. Yesterday covid’s deaths were more than one-third of average daily deaths. We do not have a total number of…


What are the limits of tolerance against stupidity in theories about things which matter

If someone claims that Covid will disappear within two months (no matter if it is your uncle or scientist on a TV), should you say anything, ridicule the person, or be tolerant?

Tolerance against intolerance is way to hell

Let's firstly define what it means to be tolerant. Tolerance is the acceptance of other people, their ideas, and acts. Acceptance means you might disagree with them, but you will not say or do anything against it.

Future of work

In the future ability to come to office for work or to have a personal meeting might be listed among job benefits

I was lucky that in every job in past 10 years I could work from home. Sometimes it was more regulated, sometimes where I worked did not matter. Now I have to work from home almost all the time.

I miss several things, mainly the human connection. But also dedicated space for work and the feeling of leaving an office and call it a day. But what I miss the most is brainstorming with others.

Tool or benefit?

In the work relationship employee expects to get tools for work and monetary and non-monetary benefits.

Sometimes you see that border between these two is…

On being human

And survived with much more energy

Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash
Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

My coffee addiction — Day in a life

I was addicted. I did not realise that before but I was. I woke up, went to kitchen, press the button on our espresso machine and have my first espresso. Then when I came to work, I turn on my computer and went to the kitchen and press the button again. This time for a Flat White coffee (which means double espresso). Until lunch I sometimes grab another espresso. After lunch I could not function without coffee. And sometimes around 3pm I had my last one.

Data Visuals

Effect on the life span and rate of deaths in the region

133 is the number of people who died in Italy of Corona virus in 24 hours on 8th March 2020.

It is difficult to say if the number is high or low unless we get the perspective of normal death rates in the region. Until recently the majority of people died in 3 regions.

  • In Lombardy 67% of deaths
  • In Emilia-Romagna 21% of deaths
  • In Veneto 7% of deaths
  • Rest of Italy 8%.

So lets look on these three regions and compare them with the average rate of deaths that can be obtained from Eurostat. Latest available data are from…

Future of work

Jobs are changing. Here is what you should know to be a part of that change and not stumble behind.

We hear it all the time. Finance jobs might not exist, robots will do the tasks. Many factory workers are not needed anymore, and knowledge workers will follow them.

So who is the finance professional?

Their natural habitat is an open office in departments that covers accounting, controlling, reporting, even the management accounting.

  • They are in-house employees with their CFO sitting in the corner.
  • They are young and ambitious Big 4 employees, willing to learn and work a ridiculous amount of hours.
  • More and more often, they work in shared services and make finance less painful for their peers across the world.

They come with many…

On being human

Emotional empathy is obvious. The second dimension is perspective taking

Empathy is a key skill. It enables cooperation between people. But it is not well understood. When we say empathy, we usually mean the emotional part. It is the inherent quality of a mind. We have a very good instinct in recognising people’s emotions. When we meet someone, it takes less than a second to see if she is angry or happy, stressed or calm.

This is the most obvious dimension. The second dimension is insight into people’s reasoning. It is called perspective taking or cognitive empathy. Both these combined can give the full picture of others. …

Tomáš Plesník

Financial professional writing about future of work and how to stay human in the competition of AI.

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